Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rise of Netbooks


Nice article on the rise of Netbooks from the folks at Wired. I've been thinking for months that Internet service providers in the US need to do a bundled deal, much like cellphones, for in-home fixed broadband access. Looks like the Brits beat us to it.

"Netbooks are so cheap, they're reshaping the fundamental economics of the PC business. Last October, British mobile-phone carrier Vodafone offered its customers a new deal: If they signed a two-year contract for high-speed wireless data, Vodafone would give them a Dell Mini 9 netbook. That isn't quite the same as getting a free computer; after all, Vodafone bills users $1,800 on that two-year contract, so it can afford to throw in the netbook. (In December, RadioShack offered a similar deal: a $99 Acer Aspire netbook for anyone who signed up for two years of AT&T's 3G service.)"

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