Monday, November 16, 2009

Xbox Live Players Set Record: 2M Simultaneous Users

Didn't I say last week that we should ALL start looking at videogames as a predictor of our future? The folks at PC World are confirming my prediction. Not only was Call of Duty the biggest entertainment launch in history, it created a record 2 million simultaneous connections at Xbox Live (biggest day in their history.) Who knows what could have happened if the Xbox Live folks had better connectivity?

YouTube at 1080p

Yup. Starting this week, YouTube is going to support 1080p High Definition videos (up from 720p.) Now, you can get your new holiday HD camera and hog up your measly broadband connection by uploading video. Send me a link to your video.

Check out the link above (especially if you like dogs) to find an interesting detailing of how size matters.

Networks & Their Fear and Loathing of Hulu

The folks at NewTeeVee report on the success of Hulu and how the parent companies are unhappy (sorta.) A fascincating read...

"TV advertising has (and continues to be) successful for mass marketing efforts, but even the idea of mass market is going through a big shift. The TV audiences will continue to get divided and subdivided into various niches. Furthermore, the rise of “TV Everywhere,” a way for you to watch cable company-provided video content on the web, is going to eat into the mass market. If the mass market continues to shrivel, then networks will be fighting to get a piece of the shrinking pie. It is no surprise then that the media companies are bickering with their own spawn."

Slower Broadband Could Hinder House Sales

Check out this article from the U.K. publication called ISP Review. They did a survey of 721 respondents that revealed "75% of readers would not buy a house, even a lovely one, if the best broadband ISP speed it could achieve was just 1Mbps. In addition, 51% would be willing to pay more for a house with "faster" broadband." Even more interesting is the comment section where folks complain about the U.K. goal of 2Mbps per home by 2012.

Makes you wonder what the kids at the FCC are doing right now on the U.S. national broadband plan. My advice: go big, go bold and start from a clean slate. Inspire us to build a great foundation for the future.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Internet's Next 40 Years

My alma mater recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Internet. They asked some of the "originals" where they see the next in another 40 years. Read the article. It's interesting.

"We'll have holograms. And we'll have microchip brain implants. Right now, I have to look something up on iPhone. In the future, I'll just think it."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Call of Duty' Game Sells $310M in 24 hours

Every under-30 male I know is busy playing this game (in online teams.) The article says it is "the biggest selling launch in the history of entertainment."

Methinks it is time for all of us to seriously look at video game architecture as a core driver of broadband and the Internet (and a good predictor of future trans-sector uses of network infrastructure.)