Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Rural Broadband Dilemma: Return on Investment

Check out our new video called "The Rural Broadband Dilemma: Return on Investment." Listen to providers tell you why rural broadband deployment doesn't fit their business model.


  1. Nice crisp summary!

    Thanks to Access Humboldt for recording the Redwood Coast Rural Action meeting then making it available on! Unedited version at

  2. This is a great resource. One question: is there any record of who the speakers are? It would be great to be able to cite them (or at least their companies and titles), but they are anonymous in the video.

  3. The speakers are from a variety of large and medium-sized telcos and cablecos that operate in California. The goal is not to blame the providers for not engaging in rural broadband, but to provide a reality check for the rest of us. Until ROI becomes competitive, they will never invest.