Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HOW TO: Copy the Entire iTunes Catalog in 25 Seconds

An interesting development from the French is touted at Those crafty French "researchers from the Bell Labs facility in Villarceaux, France have used 155 lasers, each operating at a different frequency and carrying 100 gigabits of data per second. Multiply the number of lasers with the transmission rate, and you get a crazy number of 15.5 terabits per second, over the distance of 7000 kilometers. Multiply those two numbers, and you get over 100 petabits per second.kilometers (a standard measure for high speed optical transmission)." Whiz-bang fast.

Applying a little math, the author estimates it would take 25 seconds to download about 10 million songs (50 million megabytes.) Cool.

The commenters were wondering how long for a "standard" broadband connection. MarkH said: About 1.5 years on an 8Mbps broadband connection. Or over 6 years if you're unlucky enough, like me, to only have 2Meg...

Oh to be so unlucky... how about all those poor folks who are about to get 768K down broadband courtesy of the ARRA and/or state-funded broadband programs?

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